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25th Aug 2021

Hand dryers with UVC light disinfection represent a clear evolutionary step...


23rd Aug 2021

This is a difficult question to answer given the large number of different...

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2nd Nov 2020

The new EVO model of hand dryers with UV disinfection. These new units of hand dryers...


27th Mar 2020

During these difficult times, at Indele we have turned our expertise and efforts to...

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10th Sep 2019

The M1DL energy meter from SACI is a MID certified meter. For more information go to...

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6th Mar 2019

NOFER will launch it´s new designs for Concept & EVO at the ISH show in Franfurt.

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5th Jan 2017

NOFER's FUGA range was awarded a LEED compliance rating in 2014. (pending update) ...

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