SAM3000. Probably the smallest 3-phase network analyser on the market!

17 Feb 2022
SAM3000. Probably the smallest 3-phase network analyser on the market!

The SAM3000 is one of our most popular 3-phase and single-phase network analysers. Designed to take up minimal cabinet space using a single LCD touch screen monitor with remote access options.

Using a single user-friendly display, you can monitor up to 32 3-phase circuits, or 96 single-phase circuits with the SAM3000 network analyser.  The touch control LCD screen makes the unit convenient and easy to use allowing you to monitor energy use, power quality analysis, status monitoring and set alarm functions, and a range of other electrical parameters on a single screen. In additional the communication module allows remote monitoring of all the circuits linked to the system.

The SAM3000 is designed to be a straight-forward DIN rail installation with pluggable terminals that takes up minimal cabinet space. Developed by SACI´s R&D team following extensive research with customers, the outcome of this collaboration is a compact and smartly designed system, easy to install and use that is ideal for multi-loop electrical power monitoring in industrial applications.

The system has a basic configuration of 5 components; LCD touch screen display, a power unit, a communication module, and the measurement modules and CTs or Rogowski coils according to the type and number of circuits that require monitoring.
The communications module allows the user remote access to the data for more efficient monitoring and energy management.
Since it’s launch the SAM3000 unit has become one of our most popular network analysers. Thanks to it’s design to maximise space and it’s simple configuration it is ideal for new and retro installations. The system is now installed and monitoring multiple networks across the globe.
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