Which is the best hand dryer with UVC light disinfection?

25 Aug 2021
Which is the best hand dryer with UVC light disinfection?


Hand dryers with UVC light disinfection represent a clear evolutionary step forward for hand dryer technology thanks to the fact they can disinfect the air flow that is used to dry your hands.

These units were rare before the Covid pandemic and although there are still very few on the market there are some now available. The question is which one to choose if you´re in the market for an upgrade or new hand drying unit with disinfection and purification.

The NOFER FUGA EVO UVC uses UVC light to disinfect the air used to dry your hands. It is important to note that the UVC light sits inside the unit to purify the air but does not come into contact with your hands. Direct contact by UVC light with your skin can cause skin damage.

In addition to the UVC light disinfection which only has limited effectiveness, the NOFER units also includes a HEPA particle filter to trap any floating particles. It is the combination of the UVC light and the HEPA filter that makes the NOFER unit one of the most effective hand dryers for disinfecting and purifying the air on the market today.

So, if that´s the technical reason why you should choose the NOFER FUGA EVO UVC hand dryer, other good reasons include the elegant design and high-quality stainless-steel finishes that you can choose. The unit is available as standard in a highly polished shine finish, a brushed satin matt finish or painted black. Visit www.nofer.co.uk to find out more.