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Your shipping service to the UK

  • Choose from one of our standard packages for courier shipments to the UK. 
  • If you ship large items on pallets, or need containers, we can do this too! Just contact us for details. 
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How itworks!

Choose from one of the packages below according to how many shipments you expect to make monthly. If our standard packages don´t suit your requirements, just contact us to discuss our other packages. 

  • +10 means will will arrange the collection and delivery from your warehouse to the customer anywhere in mainland United Kingdom for up to 10 shipments. 
  • After you send us the packing and delivery details, we will take care of everythinnd simply send you the label and any additional documents required to afix to the shipment when they are ready.
  • After that, all you do is wait for the collection.
  • +20 is exactly the same for up to 20 shipments per month.

How much do the shipments cost?

  • We use an integrated shipping platform which means that the rate you pay is the best courier rate available. 
  • Before we ship, we check with you and request confirmation before arranging collections.
  • The subscription you pay does not include the cost of the shipments and you will be billed for the shipments you´ve made at the end of each month. 
  • Shipments are billed every 15 days, and the payment term is 14 days from the date the invoice is issued.

+ 10 shipments / month


+ 20 shipments / month

Our Authroised Representative and shipping services are for European manufacturers that want to place products on the UK market.